meet our volunteers

STEMpower volunteers showcase a variety of skills through their many roles. Read their bios to learn more about their lives outside STEMpower. Our volunteers are diverse, as part of STEMpower's mission is to foster diversity. High school students of all grade levels and STEM interests come together as volunteers for our organization!

curriculum designers

Kaavya Butaney

Sydney Tung

Sarah Kosta

Kaitlyn Lee

Jocelyn Lee

Zoey Brenner

Rachel Rudyak

content creators

Audrey Boenninghausen

Shelli Lewis

Sophia Shao

social media managers

Trinity Bang

Emily Jeon

Yuting Shi

Connor Song

outreach team 

Shreya Juneja

website designers

Bridget Liu

Yash Nasikkar

Yelena Tao

Michael Young

blog writers 

Anand Mehta

Ivan Peteh

Navya Singhai

Nina Timofeyeva

workshop facilitators 

Ethan Solomon

Nicole Andrews

Jessica Rosenberry

Jessica Silver

Lauren Dove

Beste Karatas

Lauren Guh-Siesel

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