meet our core team


Julia Seryakova 


Julia, a sophomore at Los Altos High School, has always been passionate about math and science, and is very excited to share this passion by volunteering for STEMpower! Some of Julia’s hobbies include dancing, cooking, baking, and going on long walks with her dog.


kaitlyn lee

Curriculum Director

Kaitlyn is a sophomore at LAHS who really enjoys singing, playing volleyball, and chilling with her cats. In school, her favorite subjects are biology and history. She is very excited to work with students to explore the world of STEM!


connor song

Content Director

Connor is a junior at Los Altos High School. In school he likes science and is where he took a photography class, which is what helped pique his interest in video creation and photography. In his free time, he games(duh), takes photos, and creates b-roll videos. 

michael young

Co-Public Relations Director

Michael is a sophomore attending Los Altos High School. He enjoys learning new things, especially topics related to computer science. When not working on STEMpower’s website, Michael enjoys connecting with friends and family, cooking food, eating said food, watching YouTube, and listening to music.

trinity bang

Co-Public Relations Director

Trinity attends Los Altos High School and is a junior. She is a big fan of all forms of art and is a photographer. She also loves traveling and trying new things wherever she goes. In her free time Trinity likes golfing, baking with her younger sisters, and going on walks with her family. 

Elizabeth Gayhart

Co-Programs Director

Elizabeth is a sophomore at Mountain View High School. She is eager to share knowledge and help create a positive change in her community. Elizabeth enjoys playing lacrosse, piano, and learning all things pertaining to medicine.


Co-Programs Director

Astra is a sophomore at Mountain View High School. She enjoys sailing, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time outdoors. More than anything, she loves spreading her interest in STEM through tutoring or activities such as STEMpower.

Meghan Strazicich

WiSTEM & STEMpower Adult Supervisor

Mrs. Straz has been the advisor for WiSTEM/STEM Power since its beginnings. She's passionate about empowering students in the STEM field and believes all students deserve access to cutting-edge technology and information. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, surfing, and practicing her carpentry skills.