@Home Activities

Our @home activity curricula are designed for all grades K-6. Activities include our making oobleck or eggshell chalk (published just in time for Halloween preparation)! Below, you may find follow-along videos for students to watch, in addition to the accompanying activity sheets.

Activity Sheets and Instructional Videos

1. Making Oobleck
What’s oobleck?? With just two ingredients, students can create a substance that is both a solid and a liquid which actually does not have a consistent viscosity.

Materials: 2 cups cornstarch,1 cup water, bowl, tape or clips (optional: food coloring)

Activity Sheets and Instructional Videos

2. Eggshell Chalk
Sidewalk chalk is an exciting way for younger students to sustainably create art from food waste! This activity provides a simple and natural alternative for students to explore their creativity, while learning a little bit of chalk science!

Materials: 2 paper towels, 2 tsp. hot water, 2 tsp. flour, 12 eggshells, food coloring (1-2), small bowl, spoon

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