@Home Activities

Our @home activity curricula are designed for all grades K-6. Activities include our making oobleck or eggshell chalk (published just in time for Halloween preparation)! Below, you may find follow-along videos for students to watch, in addition to the accompanying activity sheets.

sustainably create art and explore your creativity using food waste

create a substance that is both a solid and a liquid, without a consistent viscosity

discover what makes up the colors inside markers by isolating the different pigments

bring your drawing to life using water and dry erase markers

simulate making and flying a paper hovercraft

create a partial vacuum inside a glass

create a fizz inflator using the reaction between vinegar and baking soda

make slime and learn about the science of polymers

create your own lava lamp using differences in density

create a "walking rainbow" using the force of capillary action

experiment with the range of sounds that can be produced by glass jars

use static electricity to separate salt and pepper with a comb

make your own bouncy balls using glue, cornstarch, Borax, and water

mix together Skittles and water to form a rainbow in a glass

create art on milk with food coloring, using the force of molecular attractions

see the marvels of nature in this simple experiment with some oil, water, and salt

shine rusty old pennies with vinegar

make water waves using a cardboard wall as the obstruction! 

launch your own catapult with a popsicle stick!