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What should I do if my child and I cannot attend a workshop?

Email STEMpower if they are unable to attend a session at least 24 hours in advance. Depending if the workshop is recorded or not, you also may be able to view the recording afterwards on our Workshops Recording YouTube Playlist.

Are workshops virtual or in-person?

Workshops are virtually held through Zoom.

How long is the STEMpower STEM Summer 2021 Workshop Series?

Workshops series will last 4 weeks each for a total of 8 weeks. There will be two workshop series running through the months of July and August. July workshops will be themed “STEM For Fun” for both grades 3-4 and 5-6, which will focus on sharing educational lessons on topics not usually covered in school, such as space exploration, physiology, electricity, through fun, hands-on activities. August workshops will be themed “Food Science” for Grades 3-4 and “Renewable Energy” for Grades 5-6. For more information on what time July workshops will run from, visit For more information on what time August workshops will run from, visit


How long is the STEMpower x YMCA Workshop Series?

There will be a total of 6 weekly workshop series running through June, July, and the first week of August. The workshop curricula will have the same themes as the STEMpower Saturday workshops, or “STEM For Fun”. Workshops will occur during the weekdays in the early afternoon and are presented to students of the YMCA.


Where do I access the workshops?
Upon registration, you will be contacted a few days prior to the start of the workshop with necessary information. There will be one Zoom link for each month and all students will be using that link to access the workshop (and will be split into breakout rooms).


What does a typical workshop day look like?
Students will be split up into small groups, each paired with a workshop facilitator. Students and their workshop facilitator will be sent to a breakout room to host their workshop. The workshop contains time for introductions, a short lesson, an activity, another lesson, another activity, and a summary/reflection. Some of our workshops will be recorded and later uploaded onto our YouTube channel.