ages six to eight

While we provide free live virtual workshops for students, we also publish workshop curricula for families or teachers to use for their students. To ensure that our curriculum is appropriately tailored to each student’s learning level, we have developed and divided our workshops based on age. Our lessons cover topics ranging from astronomy to environmentalism!


Please click on age groups below to find our free workshop curricula, which includes activity sheets and videos.

learn about evolution and why specifics have certain characteristics

get a grasp of what recycling is and why it is important for a sustainable future

learn about the concept of the universe and grasp what a solar system looks like

learn about computer programming basics and how computers use various signals

learn about simple water concepts and the important role that water plays in our lives

learn about human body parts and their individual functions

learn about basic chemical principles and how different substances interact

learn about the Fibonacci sequence and how math can be applied to many aspects of life

learn about the layers of the ocean and why they exist and the importance of coral reefs

learn how sound is produced and how it travels through different mediums

learn about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and how they apply to real life