about us

STEMpower is a volunteer organization based in the Bay Area that was started and is carried out through a Los Altos High School club called Women in STEM (WiSTEM). LAHS WiSTEM is focused on empowering high school students through opportunities in STEM.


Our team, from STEMpower, hosts a series of workshops for elementary school students to gain exposure to STEM through innovation and creativity. Through hands-on exploration and team projects, students have the opportunity to explore topics ranging from chemistry to computer science.


We aim to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers to be interested in STEM fields. Through hands-on and engaging workshops, we empower students as part of LAHS WiSTEM's “reaching back” initiative. By fostering openness and confidence, students strengthen teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. We seek to create an accepting and empowering learning environment for students as they explore science, technology, engineering, math, and everything in between.


All summer workshops, complete with video lessons and instructional sheets, are posted on our workshops pages. Check out our YouTube channel for more information and content!


In addition, we will be posting “STEMpower @Home” videos that include STEM activities for young students to experiment with on their own or with their families. Two sessions will be published on a monthly basis during the 2020-2021 school year.

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