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STEMpower aims to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers to be interested in STEM fields through hands-on and engaging workshops. By fostering openness and confidence, students strengthen teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. We seek to create an accepting and empowering learning environment for students as they explore science, technology, engineering, math, and everything in between.

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STEMpower has successfully transitioned to online workshops that are accessible to students anywhere and anytime. With instructional activity sheets and follow-along videos, all students can use these materials and participate in the virtual workshops the STEMpower team has developed. We support our community and fulfill our mission through our virtual content and workshops.


During the summer of 2020, we partnered with the YMCA, who hosted STEMpower workshops at their summer programs. During the spring of 2021, we will continue partnering with the YMCA to provide STEMpower content to YMCA students. With the YMCA, we empower students to engage with STEM activities amidst difficult times. 


This spring, we will also continue hosting virtual, live STEMpower workshops. Click the link below for more information regarding STEMpower’s registration process and education curriculum. 


STEMpower is proud to introduce our monthly STEMpower newsletter, which will include upcoming STEMpower workshops, featured articles (written by our blog writer team) that are designed to be read by young students., featured STEMpower @Home activity videos (fun and easy science experiments for students to participate in at home!), and educational opportunities for students!

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